Version 2.0 usability / stability?

For 2011, I've committed to upgrading my project to a MVC framework, and have chosen Zend Framework to base it on.  To lessen the learning curve, I'm looking for an environment that has code auto-completion, debugging, all the goodies you need in an IDE.

Netstorm / PHPStorm look like the perfect solution (NetBeans and Eclipse look good too, but they're a bit frustrating to set up and learn).

My question: I'm an experienced developer, but new to PHPStorm/WebStorm.  It looks like Version 2.0 is close to release, would I be safe downloading the Windows version of that instead of Version 1.02?  Are the documentation and tutorials sufficiently similar that I'd be able to configure and learn it, or would I be better off installing 1.0?

If 2.0 isn't crashing and all the 1.0 features are working, my preference would be to install that, and I'd be happy to go through the documentation and tutorials and provide feedback as a newbie to things that may have changes or not be working.



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I am using 2.0 for production use with Zend Framework on a daily basis. I suspect no developer will tell you it's ready yet, but as an independent, third party user, I can recommend it. It gives me the occasional IDE error (with a red exclamation mark), but it has never crashed on me yet (after a month of use) and I've never lost a single line of code because of it.

It's sort of sluggish with big files, but Netbeans is even slower and I have myself to blame for optimizing size instead of performance in my laptop (using an 11" Macbook Air). If you are on a mac, the two newest versions might not work (versions ending in 194 and 206), but 114 works well for me (the newer ones are dropping key presses when the load is heavy).

Hope it works out for you!


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