194 and and 206 unusable, dropping characters

Is it just me, or are the two newest builds dropping a lot of characters?

I have a method-heavy class (1000 row controller with 30-40 methods) and wanted to write:

else $data['customername'] = '';

and it comes out as:

ele $da['custoernme'] = '';

It's like whenever the IDE is looking up things as I'm writing, it starts dropping characters and the more extensive the file is, the more characters are dropped. I did the same thing with a simpler controller and it dropped only one character.

My system is a (slowish) macbook air with 4 gigs of memory, 1.6GHz cpu, freshly booted. Running Snow Leopard 10.6.6

It's back to 114 for me. Thanks for an otherwise excellent product!

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Please file a bug report with cpu snapshot.
Also, see http://devnet.jetbrains.net/docs/DOC-192

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Same thing is happening on my end.  Running both 194 and 206 on Mac (Webstorm).

In Activity Monitor on the Mac, once I start typing in my CSS file, the cpu usage for WebStorm jumps to over 130%.

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Same is happening for me with 206 and not with 114. Running on Linux (Gentoo), JDK 6.0.u22.

Typing sometimes hangs with 114, too, but it buffers what I am typing and then prints it later.


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