194 and and 206 unusable, dropping characters

Is it just me, or are the two newest builds dropping a lot of characters?

I have a method-heavy class (1000 row controller with 30-40 methods) and wanted to write:

else $data['customername'] = '';

and it comes out as:

ele $da['custoernme'] = '';

It's like whenever the IDE is looking up things as I'm writing, it starts dropping characters and the more extensive the file is, the more characters are dropped. I did the same thing with a simpler controller and it dropped only one character.

My system is a (slowish) macbook air with 4 gigs of memory, 1.6GHz cpu, freshly booted. Running Snow Leopard 10.6.6

It's back to 114 for me. Thanks for an otherwise excellent product!


Same thing is happening on my end.  Running both 194 and 206 on Mac (Webstorm).

In Activity Monitor on the Mac, once I start typing in my CSS file, the cpu usage for WebStorm jumps to over 130%.


Same is happening for me with 206 and not with 114. Running on Linux (Gentoo), JDK 6.0.u22.

Typing sometimes hangs with 114, too, but it buffers what I am typing and then prints it later.


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