Selenium test cases are not detected by PHPStorm?

Hi, I'm using Selenium server + Selenium IDE and generated tests in php format for that, which extend PHPUnit_Extensions_SeleniumTestCase (which as you may guess extend PHPUnit's classes). The problem is that PHPStorm doesn't detect these classes as tests if I use directory-based inclusion for PHPUnit tests (setup under Run / Edit Configuration / Defaults / PHPUnit). But if I use "All in file" test detection, then it works fine (console is shown, browser is started etc.). Without detection, I'm able to run it as test, but console says "No tests were detected".

Is this a bug worth tracker entry, or am I just missing something?

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Hi Artjom,

There is no special settings for Selenium PHPUnit test cases.

Based on existing (current & already resolved) tickets on Issue Tracker regarding PHPUnit support I would report this as a bug. PhpStorm uses custom script when interacting with PHPUnit (for integration purposes: progress indicator; results grid; easy jump-to-error etc) and it is possible that this moment (Selenium Test Cases) simply may have been omitted/forgotten.


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