zen css live templates not working

I'm running windows 7 64 bit
phpstorm 2.0

I have a long list of default parameters in the drop down list under file/settings/live templates/ zen css. I've even added new ones to the list and they appear correctly, however when I'm in the editor in a css file and hit ctrl+J i get a pop up saying "no templates defined in this context". I checked the zen css again and the css radio button is chosen in the "add live template" window.

When I'm i an html file and hit ctrl + J I get the correct drop down list of zen html to chose from

When I click on the html and css radio buttons in the "add live template" window, the new additions I put in will show in the list in an html file in the editor after hitting ctrl+J but still doesn't show up in a css file.

How come the css live template isn't even working for the default values that came preinstalled?

Check out the images I attached.


Yep -- it does not work for some reason on empty file. Add any text to it and try again. This one works fine for me:

<Ctrl+J here>


Seems to have worked, thanks.


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