path not resolved in autoload but class working fine

Hi please have a look at following image.

i have
define('CLASSPATH', 'ww.php_classes');


I get above error but class is working fine. is it a bug?

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I think it is not a bug -- just because you have dynamic variable $class as a part of evaluated expression for require/include. And this $class variable can be anything. As a result -- the expression can not be evaluated/point to a specific file, which brings this warning message.

Another thing: __autoload() function supposed to be called automatically .. but you can also call it manually, like this: __autoload('my/very/super/class') -- which makes $class variable even more unpredictable.

In case if you do not know -- you can suppress such warning for individual statement/line (so no warning is shown) -- just click on light bubble icon (or press Alt+Enter) and choose"Suppress" (or something like that)

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thanks for reply.

now i understand it.


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