Context menu are disappear


For some unknown reason, the context menu is no longer open.

When I click the right mouse button on the code (or anywhere) the phpStorm freezes for a few seconds (processor is actively used), and after that the context menu does not open.
Also menu `File` does not open (symptoms are the same), all other menus like `Search`, `View` etc are open as usual.

What i can do whth this?

phpStorm 1.0.2
Build PS-95.503
JDK 1.6.0_17

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No ideas.

Is this happening with any project or just the particular one?

Did you installed any 3rd party plugin?

Try to back up and erase your .WebIDE10 settings folder.

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No extra plugins, happening with any project. If i close all projects - in "welcome screen" menu `file` opens.

Re-install helps, thanks for advice how to backup settings. ;)

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It helps for one project.
Other my project still have this bug. I tried to recreate project but this haven't affect.

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All new projects creates with `bug`.
I have one old project where bug not reproduces, so i nvestigate a problem and i have found, that when i copy file .idea\workspace.xml file from old project to new (this is the same project (code), but project in phpStorm created in different time) project works fine and menus opens correctly.
(new project created without specifying web server, but looks like this is not described problem, because i have tried to create project with specifying server too)
Both of this files attached...

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Can you plese kindly submit a bug report into project issue tracker so we can dispatch it properly?

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I have the same problem after updating Mac to last version -

hight Sierra 10.13

Now I haven't  menu in PHP storm -

same problem in each project

Please fix it!



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