PHP remote debug vs PHP Web Application


What is the difference between PHP remote debug and PHP Web Application?
We are starting new project now. Work goes over few local and remote production server.
1. local development server on the same PC with PHP Storm. Files edited exactly from apache document root folder. No deplyment model needed, just debug
2. remote nix server. sftp deployment. debug needed.

what run/debug configuration should we choose for each server?




'PHP remote debug' configuration is base debug configuration - it turns IDE into listening state.
'PHP Web Application' configuration is build on 'PHP remote debug' configuration. It turns IDE into listening state and then open an url in browser.

Use "PHP remote debug" run configuration if you use one of the browser toolbars(bookmarklets) for debugging and 'PHP Web Application' if you haven't such tools.

what run/debug configuration should we choose for each server?

You can use both run configurations.

Thank you for feedback!


So the only effective difference is that "Web Application" performs a single discreet additional step:Firing up a browser with a url.

Never heard of bookmarklets before (

If anyone has the time and resources handy, it would be interesting to see a bookmarklet used as Nikolay suggests.


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