Debug: Mapping on local server MVC frameworks

I'm jumping into the fray on the latest and greatest 102.18 debug fun.  I've been reading all of the threads and blog posts on debugging and I'm still unable to make it work, since about the 98 series.  I'm running a local copy of apache, and my project root and web root are one and the same.

At the moment, I can listen to and receive requests from my browser to the PhpStorm IDE.  The requests show up as tabs in my debug pane, with the proper output, and it briefly rolls through index.php and then disconnects the debugger.  My code with the breakpoints, while it does run, doesn't break.  If I put a breakpoint in index.php, I end up with a mapping error that reads a bit strange:

Cannot find a local copy of the file on server /Users/me/project/www/index.php
Local path is /Users/me/project/Users/me/project/www/index.php

Notice the double pathing?  I've edited the mappings to both specify index.php explicitly, and to simply add my project root as /, and neither fixes the problem.  If I remove the mapping altogether, the breakpoint in index.php stops working as well.  

I feel certain this is a mapping issue with my configuration, but I could use some assistance in working out the details.  Do you have any hints?


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