Possible migration from Netbeans

Well, it's my first post here. I'm Netbeans user, interested in PHPStorm for starters.
In general, I think that JetBrains IDE family is great competitor for Oracle (FUUU yeah) Netbeans for reasonable price (and I keep in mind NY discount :)

But I like Netbeans enough to suppose more comfortable migration from Netbeans to PHPStorm :)

I found NB key mapping in PS settings, but no NB color scheme and it'a boring to set up colors like NB by hands.
And create code templates from scratch.

Is JB team have any plans for configuration export from Netbeans: colors, templates, formatting at least?
Or maybe I just missed somethink in PS settings?

Thanks for great products!

P.S. Is Russian community forum anywhere? English is not my native language.

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Nope, we do not have any plans to create such migration tools.

All JB resources are international and use English.


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