Can't create Unit Tests


I'm getting always an error, when i try to create an Unit Test. (see screenshot)

Is this a bug or have i to change something in the settings?


phpstorm error.PNG

Hi ragga,

PhpStorm executes custom PHP script (in hidden console window) that uses PHPUnit class directly. In this way it is a bit more flexible than phpunit command as it allows to specify where generated file should be placed as well as how it should be named. On another hand is has it's own issues (does not support config/bootsrap files at the moment --

Possible reasons for slow execution:
1) settings in your php.ini (for example, loading too many extensions)
2) not enough resources available (RAM, CPU) so your Windows has to  swap, which takes additional time (which is counted towards script  execution time limit)
3) antivirus? -- at the end of the day such request is executed as separate external process and antivirus may be checking all of these files etc (unsure)
4) very complex class (I doubt that this will be a reason)

Try to use phpunit command directly and see how long it will take to do the same.


With the newest demobuild it's working without any problems:)


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