phpstorm - css id and class completion


i'm evaluating PHPStorm atm - so far it is an amazing software, might get the best one by my opinion :)

i do have one question (so far):
i build an HTML template, with css file for styles. (later on will turn it to php).
i used to work so far on NetBeans, and there was option there, that when i create an elemente on the html file and give it ID or class, when i go to the css file, the new id/class is already on the completion list.

in phpstorm - if i create a new id/class on the css file, all the html files that has link referance to the css file will have that class/id on the completion list, but not the other way around.
and i'm used to create the class/id first on the html and then move to give it definitions on the css file.

is there anyway to make the css file recognize what happens on the html files and register the names of the id/class there? like it is on netbeans and other softwares?

thank you,



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