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Hi. I'm currently evaluating PhpStorm and I had a question about the font rendering inside the editor.

It's possible to set a font, line spacing and a size globally. Any individual language attribute can further be altered with foreground/background color changes, font style changes (italic and bold) and effects. I don't see any way to change the font or the font size on individual elements however. I'm one of those freaks who likes to read their code in a proportional font (Segoe UI in my case) but keep comments in a different font/size (Consolas a couple of points smaller).

NetBeans, Komodo and Notepad++ (on Windows) and probably others has this ability. If it's not part of PhpStorm now are there plans on implementing it in the future?

Thanks in advance ;-)


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Nope, this is not possible and is not planned.


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