Possible to create a new file without saving?

I love using PhpStorm but the one thing that drives me crazy is the inability to create a blank file that doesn't have to be saved initially.  Essentially a scrap file for making quick edits, code mods or comparisons.

Am I missing something?  Is it possible to create a blank file without saving?  It really would be a HUGE timesaver rather than having to keep a copy of Notepad++ ready to open for these types of situations.

I did look at the Scratch plugin but can't seem to get it to work for whatever reason.

Your help, ideas, assistance... all is appreciated.


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Try installing Scratch plugin from plugin repository (Settings|Plugins|Available)

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As far as I've checked some weeks ago it was not compatible with PhpStorm platform :( One has to ask it's author to fix.

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I couldn't get Scratch to work either.

Just to put this out there, it may not be an elegant solution but it works decently.

What I did was create a few empty files (empty_css.css, empty_js.js, empty_html.html, empty_php.php) and put them on my desktop.  Then, if you need a scratch file you can simply drag the file icon from your desktop to the editor.  Once you're done, empty it back out and you'll always have a scratch file ready to use.


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