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Ok, I have a real dilemna and I think I've found at least one bug:

  • We discovered that since we've been using PHPStorm to merge CVS branches, it has been corrupting image files (binaries) that are in the project. This did not happen with Netbeans. So is that a bug or are we doing something wrong?
  • So, anyway, I took all of our images out of CVS. The images files don't change much, and we don't need history, but if we now that we did that, how do we keep all of the development machines and the live site synced with these files?
  • There's another problem with taking those files out of CVS, in that now if I don't exlude the /images directory from the PHPStorm Project, it shows up in unversioned files (and all subdirectories.) If I exclude the /images directory, then I get Inspection errors about the directory not being found (CSS properties and such.) Why is that?

Why is it that PHPStorm does not .cvsignore for tracking ignored files / directories? In this case, it's NOT ignoring a directory that is in the .cvsignore, but also if I do Ignore from PHPStorm, it does some proprietary ignore, instead adding an entry to a .cvsignore file. That method is useless to us, because we use several CVS tools.

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Ok, I figured out that I can not exclude the /images directory and then Ignore it with PHPStorm (meaning I have to set the ignore in two places to make it work for all tools.)     


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