Code inspection while editing?


I'm currently evaluating WebStorm 2 beta as javascript IDE, using Aptana currently.
My question is about code inspection, i.e. when I remove an obvious comma from my code, no error is marked. Although running the code inspection manually, I got used to the instant error marking that Aptana does.

So is it possible to set WebStorm marking errors instantly?

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Well, online & batch inspections should be the same if yoiu not altered the profile/changed the highlighting level.
Check the sliders on the Inspector head icon in status bar.
Note that Power save mode also disables on-the-fly inspection.

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Thx for your answer, but there was something strange with my IntelliJ-Settings, it did work only after I completely deleted manually the folders  /Users/.../.IntelliJIdea10 and /.WebIde10.


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