Single-page JavaScript applications - local run configuration

I develop single-page JavaScript applications which don't need to be served from an http server.

Is there any way of setting up a run configuration which only opens files from a local drive?
The closest I have got to this is by using the JavaScript Debug configuration, but this will only run in Firefox and I need it to run in Chrome.
Debugging isn't required.




Sounds to me that you are looking for action "Open in Browser" with arbitrary file, rather than a Run Configuration. When you have an html file opened in your editor this action is available when right-clicking. AFAIK this action is not available to other filetypes.


It's not really ideal to have to switch to an html file to start your system :(


There is no support for Run configuration just to open the file.
We have Open in browser action (Alt + F2) available in the file.


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