Crash at startup & how to fix – PHPStorm EAP 2.0, Mac OS

Hello guys,

as said above all EAP releases I tested (namely 98.350 and 98.364) crashed immediately at startup
on my machine. The splash screen was shown and after it disappeared, the application main window
without any GUI control elements (only the 1px outlines of all tool/window-regions) appeared for
some seconds before it crashed.

In the stacktrace message of Mac OS crash dialog something about an invalid argument was said,
so I had a closer look at the Java command line in "" I started
to remove each single argument step by step and tested ... and then I met the argument for the
application profiler ( "-agentlib:yjpagent=disablej2ee,sessionname=webide") and after I removed it
everything worked. No crashes anymore.

It's weird, because in the office I have a similar machine and all EAP 2.0 releases work flawlessly.

However, maybe it has something to do with my machine setup. I'm using an 10.5.5 Hackintosh
with Java 1.6 (64bit) and 1.5 (32/64bit) and only 1.5 64bit works with the EAP releases. The 1.02
release works flawlessly with each version.

Just wanted to share my experience with you.

Edit 1:

It gets even weirder ... when I try to open or create a new Project (with existing files or without)
that reside on my local machine, I am forced to select a target folder in my filesystem using
PHPStorms file navigator dialog. Usually it takes a second and all folders are listed but in my
case the activity spinner rotates infinitely but nothing appears. And any attempts to cancel
the dialog are ignored.

A workaround therefore is to create a project before (in my case with PHPStorm 1.02) and then
run the EAP 2.0 release. Not only does it automatically open the last opened project (thus the
one created before), no, ALL following tasks involving the PHPStorm file sleector dialog work
flawlessly. The file dialog is lightning fast and absolutely stable. :D

Best regards,


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Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you but we won't work on any hackintosh specific problems. I can oly assure that lots of us (including me) and our users use OS X on various original mac hardware and never encountered issues you've described.

The yjpagent is a CPU/RAM profiling agent and is incliuded only with EAP builds (thus 1.0.2 release does not have it). You can safely throw it out if it helps you.

For file system monitoring we also use a native agent binary.

Looks like both of your issues somewhat related with Apple JVM + native code.

In general we perform testing and thus officially support only original OS X with all current updates installed including most recent apple java runtime.

Hope this helps.


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