tree structure for find panel

os: kubuntu 10.04
PhpStorm 2.0beta
build PS-98.350

Is there any way to put the find view results into a tree structure in the same way as the project panel displays it?

the project view shows files that are nested in a directory below the directory, where as the find panel shows every directory relative to system root.


I think the projects view is much cleaner.

Is there any way to do this in the current EAP?


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Michael, but it already has tree structure. Or I don't understand you?

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He wants compact folder names like in Project View window, not full path (like in your screenshot: "www\play" instead of "D:\Denwer3\home\igl.aa\www\play")

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:)  im not understanding the sclerosis reference....?  Ghost in the shell maybe

And i was looking for that before i posted.  didnt realize that I had posted a ticket against it.  But then again stuff is being added and turned off by default that it can be missed.

Thanks guys.  answer: not yet.

The other one im really looking forward to seeing in the EAP's any time soon is: "Recursively compare local file tree with remote one"

-- edit--
this is what my find results look like:
it would be nice to see them grouped.


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