How to properly use Zend Debugger with a whole project.


I've just finished to install Zend Debugger on my local web server and it's working fine so far for scripts file.

But as I develop with frameworks, I need to debug my whole project.

So when I put break points inside controllers: they actually break.

I currently use Symfony as my work framework, do you have any idea on how to debug a whole web application?


Ah and how to use the zend toolbar?


Hello, Tommy

To debug web application running on the server you can follow two ways:

1) Configure "Php on Server" run/debug configuration and invoke the debug session from ide.
Here you can find the following settings:
"Break at the first line" - debugger would break on first line of every file.
"Advanced Settings" -> "Debug all pages" - debuging session would be triggered on every file before displaying it into browser
"Advanced Settings" -> "Debug first pages only" - debug session would be triggered once on the first file

2) Use Zend Toolbar.
We consider this way as more handy.
Open project you want to debug in PhpStorm.
Check the debugger settings(Debugger -> PHP). The debugger and settings broadcasting service should be started.
After that you can start to use Zend Toolbar.
Open the page you want to debug and press "debug" button on toolbar.


Thanks a LOT! It's almost 100% working.

But I have an error at some point when I step over, I get a "Cannot find a local copy of the file /path/to/file"

But this file really exists, and everything is local (server and files).

I guess it's a mapping problem but I can't seem to find it :S

Any ideas?

Thanks again!


Hi Tommy,

There are few tickets on issue tracker that may be relevant to your case:

Can you please tell us a bit about your setup: which OS, which build of PhpStorm do you use?


The second bug ( ) is exactly what's happening to me.

I run the latest EAP on an iMac with Mac OS X 10.6.4.

Thanks :)


Hello, Tommy

Sorry for delay.

I guess it's a mapping problem but I can't seem to find it :S

It depends on way you run debugger. In case of run/debug configurations you can find "Server paths mappings" settings which can help you resolve any mappings related problems.

In case of Zend Toolbar all detected mapings stored into "ProjectSettings -> PHP -> Debug".
You can't edit them and this future works not so good yet(it has experimental status).

Do you like debugging with Zend Toolbar?


Yes, I love it, it's very easy to start the debugging and that makes this awesome!

Once I'll get the whole Zend Debugger working it'll be surely a piece of cake to develop with PHPStorm.

Keep up the amazing wotk!


Please note, that we are about to publish next EAP wich will contain improved and streamlined mapping logic in a day or two.


The latest EAP is AWESOME! The debugger is running amazingly! Thanks :)


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