Update of catalog tree

I've been testing PhpStorm for our company a couple of days, most things have worked out fine.

Now I have a problem with updating the project tree (folders and files) on the left hand side, after any disk changes.

Whenever folder are created externally, I cannot see the tree updating. And... I see now "Refresh" button that allows me to trigger it.

We have external tools that generate new folders and files, we must be abe to see and edit these files from within an IDE.

Any help appreciated.

// Arne S.

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Hi Arne,

There is one bug reported that matches your description: http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/WI-3049?projectKey=WI. I personally have not met such bug myself despite the fact that I'm also using similar tool (very rarely thought). I'm on Win 7 x32.

What's your OS and which version of PhpStorm do you use? Are there any symbolic links involved in such folders ?

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We're on OS/X 10.6.

The scripts create new folders and some new files in them.

If in terminal I do (from project root):

$ mkdir  1
$ touch 1/file.php

the IDE picks up on that.

I already have an existing dir "app" in the project. If I do:

$ mkdir app/1
$ touch app/1/file.php

the IDE does not reflect that.Seems like file change notifications are only active at top level of project.

Only work around I found is to drag&drop the file from outside onto PhpStorm. Then, it refreshes directory listing and includes whatever we created externally, in child catalogs.


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