Shared Scopes (really Shared anything)?

What is this feature and how does it work? The Shared function. How do I share a Scope with my team?


Shared means that it will be stored in project meta info and thus visible by all team members, and non-shared will be stored in workspace file and is visible for its owner only.


"project meta info"

What does that mean? How would they access the "project meta info"? I mean, we all have separate workspaces. I'm confused.


Okay, take a few steps back %)

Did you noticed .idea folder in your project folder? That's the project meta data. If you include it in your source control all the team members will be able to share various settings including code style and inspection profile and scopes and some other settings.

The personal, non shared stuff resides inside workspace.xml and it SHOULD NOT be included in SC unless you're single person working on project.


Well, by default it's ignored (CVS), but you are saying that I should add the .idea folder to CVS, but ignore the workspace.xml file? Is that the only file we should ignore in that directory? I just want to be certain. We've tried that before with other apps, and had problems out the wazoo.


"add the .idea folder to CVS, but ignore the workspace.xml file"
that's exactly what I'm talking about.

Its designed to be used like that %)


I'm curious, if this is the designed method to "share" these, why doesn't PHPStorm show the .idea folder in the Project view

or allow for CVS to Add/Commit the files in this folder? To add these to CVS, I'll have to use a different client. I just want to make sure we are on the same page.


In case anyone else has this issue.

Because we have a huge project, and some developers only work within a branch and because we check out our branches into different folders to keep them straight, I found that I have to ignore:


As the .iml file name varies and points to different folder names, etc..


It's still not going to work correctly. Look at the misc.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<project version="4">

<component name="DependencyValidationManager">

<scope name="CollectionsQueue" pattern="file[Intranet_Local]:library/classes/apps/Collections.php||file[Intranet_Local]:library/classes/DailyReports.php||file[Intranet_Local]:library/classes/RM5_Data_Update.php||file[Intranet_Local]:collections_queue_edit.php||file[Intranet_Local]:collections_queue.php||file[Intranet_Local]:rm5_data_update.php" />

<option name="SKIP_IMPORT_STATEMENTS" value="false" />


<component name="ProjectResources">



<component name="ProjectRootManager" version="2" />

<component name="SvnBranchConfigurationManager">

<option name="mySupportsUserInfoFilter" value="true" />



Intranet_Local is the folder name and that changes (Intranet_TEAM1 for TEAM1 branch, etc.) So, this scope is not transportable. Is there a way to make the scope work on the CURRENT FOLDER?


Of course, I post and then figure it out:



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