java args, where to put them? opengl=true

os: kubuntu 10.04
PhpStorm 2.0beta
build PS-98.280

Yesterday while using phpstorm i got a bit frustrated when it started to hang a few times.

Figured it might be an issue with java not having enough memory or something (used to have to add settings to eclipse when i used it to give it more memory.)

found this tutorial:

that says if java has access to opengl then this can speed up bigger programs.

they say the line to ad to java is thsi one:
"-Dsun.java2d.opengl=true \"

is there a java options file to store the JVM args that is included and will not be overwritten after upgrades?


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Well -- such settings should go into PhpStorm/bin/*.vmoptions (replace "PhpStorm" by the actual folder name). But this fille will be overwritten on update :( .

I do not know how other people solving such problem (preserve *.vmoptions file -- like here:, but I think you can partially solve this by using symlinks. Hopefully one of the devs will have more precise answer.

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Thanks Andriy, that is what i was looking for.

I was expecting it to be *.ini or *.cfg in the /.Webide10/ directory

Much appreciated.

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Can you please drop a line here later about your experience with with option added?...

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I added the option yesterday.  The main reason for wanting it was i was getting long, up to maybe 40 seconds ish, delays in the middle of writing code.  That type of delay just breaks the mental flow of things.

I'm sure you know that feeling when everything is just in place and working well, feels great.

Then the editor just stops. It was usually at a code completion or variable look up point or variable suggestion point.

For example; I'm typing a function name "htmlShowTemplate"  i'm typing "htmlS" then hitting ctrl+space for the auto complete.  The function completed and then i type $  The auto complete/ suggestion box containing the variables available would open automatically (no ctrl+space) and would take a long time to load.  I was sitting there looking at a half formed suggestion box with nothing in the box and no keys were working.

I know the variable i want.  Left stuck with the feeling. "Dont bother suggesting it, I know what i need.  If your going to take this long, ill type the variable myself.....aaahh".

Finally the suggestion box would open and i could continue.

After putting that java argument in yesterday I havent noticed the same thing happening again, but then again It didnt happen every time anyhow.  So I cant say if it made a difference or not yet.

--edit update--
Nope, Im still seeing the freezes.  my current version is PS-98.271  and its not just limited to the php variable lookups.  this time it froze when i was trying to delete a selected area of text with the del button in an html document.  The heap was at 279M of 444M  so that is unrelated to the "IDE freezes" post also in the forums


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