Project file panel view forgets current state on restart

I loved how phpStorm remembered the exact state of expanded/collapsed folders in the project panel after restart.
Since evaluating EAP versions, somewhere along the line phpStorm stopped remembering this state after restart.
It is very random, sometimes it will come up with a few folders expanded, but the rest collapsed, and sometimes
it will come up totally collapsed.

I tried Invalidating Caches, and also tried to delete the whole '.idea' folder for the project. Still no success.

Windows 7
phpStorm EAP 98.191


Well, we actually never remembered project tree state and this option is officially "won't fix".
Perhaps you were misguided by opened files + autoscroll from source enabled.


From my own observations: PhpStorm does actually remembers project tree state between restarts as long as it is opened/active (I have tested with quite a few branches opened on the same project -- worked ok for me).

If it's hidden -- then it does not remember. It may also not remember if you have more than one project opened at the same time and closing them together (but i'm not 100% sure about this).


@Alexey: I strongly remember phpStorm 1.x saved project view state of every expanded folder I had opened after restart. It was great, as web frameworks today have a lot of folders, and it's very comfortable coming back to the IDE and having the project view being exactly how you left it.

Right now throughout all the new EAP's, it acts extremely randomly. Like I said in my original post. I believe there's an issue here.


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