error_reporting not working when running tests

When I run this test in PhpStorm 98.240 with Phpunit 3.5 it fails, but it passes on the command line. They both pass in PhpStorm 1.02 with Phpunit 3.4.


class ExampleTest extends PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase {

    public function testFailures()

        $test = array();
        $test = $test[1];



My php.ini is set to

error_reporting  =  E_ALL

Any ideas? I saw this, which looks very similar, but I was not sure if it was  exactly the same, as my code never seemed to get to that point when I tried to debug.

Is there a setting that I can change to make it pass and just show the notice, like it does in PhpStorm 1.02, or is it a bug?

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Hello, Steve.

Yes, these is a bug. I've opened a ticket, please follow our progress here

Thank you for reporting.


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