webServers.xml format

i did a search for "webservers.xml format" and came up with nothing.

we store all ftp credentials in a central database, so we can periodically export them into dreamweaver / filezilla format for any computer.

looking to make a phpstorm export for the .WebIde10/config/options/webServers.xml file.

two questions:

1) does the webServer id="20770761-60de-4539-a015-76a0b421184f" has any significance, or if it's just a unique id?

2) what method is used to encrypt the password="" field? looks like each character is encoded into 4 hex characters: dfcb dfc8 etc.. anyone know? or do i have to figure it out lol.

cheers :)


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Hello Dave,

webServer id="..." is just an internal unique id.

Password is currently slightly encrypted, please look at the source code for details: http://git.jetbrains.org/?p=idea/community.git;a=blob_plain;f=platform/platform-api/src/com/intellij/openapi/util/PasswordUtil.java;hb=HEAD.

Still we plan to better protect the passwords by enrypting them via master password (see http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/WI-2442).


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$password = 'password';
$encrypted = '';
foreach(str_split($password) as $a){
    $encrypted .= dechex(ord($a) ^ hexdec('dfaa'));
echo $encrypted;

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I wonder if this is still possible in 2018? I have found the file webServers.xml in C:\Users\[Username]\.PhpStorm2018.2\config\options, but it does not seem to include any passwords or usernames for that matter.

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Passwords are now stored in either KeePass file (all platforms) or keychain (Mac & Linux; where supported libs are present).

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My backups thank you for moving to keychain 


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