How to ignore files or folders

Hi there,

is there any possibility to let Phpstorm ignore some folders on opening a project folder or on creating a new project?

I have the problem that a project has 90mb source files including php files, styles, gui images etc. and a symlink inside the webroot to user files which has approximately a size of 120 gig. phpstorm now tryes to scan this folder and I cannot stop the process. It takes some hours to wait. If I kill the ide it starts every time I open the project directory.

has someone an idea how i can bypass this problem and start evaluating the ide?



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i have situation like this,
my solution was:
mkdir ~/source_for_ide
cd ~/source_for_ide
ln -s ~/source/templates/ ./templates
ln -s ~/source/packages/ ./packages
ln -s ~/source/www/ ./www
and so on, exclude dirs that contains symlinks to images, clustered photos etc

if u running under windows , u can create symlinks to
hope it helps

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You can use "New project from existing files" wizard - there's a step with adding exclusions before initial indexing.


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