Easy installation EAP-versions on Linux

Just want to share one solution I came across to updating PhpStorm EAP builds. As there is no deb-repository it's not so cool to update every build by hands, so I made a little shell script.
Add this to your .bashrc:

function upwi() {
        LAST_STORM_DIR=$(ls | grep PhpStorm | sed -re 's/(-EAP|\.tar\.gz$)//g' | sort -Vru | head -n 1)         LAST_STORM_TARBALL="$LAST_STORM_DIR.tar.gz"              if      [ ! -d "$LAST_STORM_DIR" ]; then                 echo -n Unpacking $LAST_STORM_TARBALL...                 tar xzf $LAST_STORM_TARBALL && echo " ok"         fi         echo -n Correcting symlink $HOME/WebIDE-PHP to $LAST_STORM_DIR...         ln -sfn "$LAST_STORM_DIR" "$HOME/WebIDE-PHP" && echo " ok"         unset LAST_STORM_DIR LAST_STORM_TARBALL }

So now all you need to do is to drop a new tar.gz archive to your $HOME directory and run


This will:

  1. Check for new version of PhpStorm in your current directory (archive or a directory)
  2. If there is an archive with fresh version without corresponding directory, archive will be unpacked
  3. Created or replaced a symlink with name $HOME/WebIDE-PHP to the directory from previous points.

So to use it comfortably you should create a desktop shortcut to $HOME/WebIDE-PHP/bin/webide.sh, so after updating it will always point to the fresh version.

P.S. Remember to re-read your .bashrc file with command

$ source ~/.bashrc

if you want to try it in existing console.

Good luck!

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Thanks for sharing!

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By the way (Alexey?), is there some sort of official walkthrough on setting up PhpStorm EAP and 1.0 at same machine on same user on Linux? I've tried to just run EAP and it broke my project settings, so I don't want repeat this. TIA.

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Nope. If you try EAP you should use backup.


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