Save all open files in my current project as a "Session" (and switch between Sessions)

Hello JetBrains Team :-)

I have started using the phpStorm product, recently. it is a beautiful application.
It is very easy to use and it has allot of very useful plugins integrated into it! thanks!

My work involved switching (rapidly) between several "Sessions" of open documents ( php files) on the same project.
I am a linux user. and i used to work with other IDEs that allow saving of "Work Sessions" per project.
In which, i can save a Session of all the open files, bookmarks and debugger breakpoints. and switch between them. rapidly.

Can i do that (or something similar) with phpStorm ?

Nadav :-)

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Please see answer there: . Because of forum bug it was posted to another thread.

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It was exactly what I need :-)
+ I can press SHIFT to merge saved context files with current context open files :-)
(supper cool feature)


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