Synchronization with FTP question

I have a project in phpstorm 1.0.2 set up to download from an ftp server.

When I edit and save a file I'd like to hit project synchronize and have only the changed files uploaded to server.

Is something like that possible?


Hello Leo,

First, you can turn on 'Upload changed files automaticallly' option at File | Settings | Deployment | Options page, so every file will be uploaded automatically on save (BTW by default files are also saved when you switch focus to a different application).

To upload changed files explicitly, currently you need to enable VCS (e.g. you can use local Git repository that is very easy to install and doesn't require any server). Then you invoke Upload action from Changes view context menu.

Also note the 'Overwrite up-to-date files' setting at Options page - it prevents IDE from uploading too much (but will overwrite the file changed by someone else on server).

Currently there's no recursive syncronization implemented: please watch/vote



The last option should do for now but the recursive sync would be nice.


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