Editor locks some strings

I can't really undestand whats happening, but sometimes editor just wont allow me to edit _some_ strings. It's actually super annoying.

Locks looks like that: suddenly string wont edit. Just wont. I can edit +10 lines string below or above, but cant type anything in the current one. Backspaces work, cursor works, but no typing at all.
ver. 96.1224, Windows 7 x64
P.S. And fix forum visual editor to work in latest Opera


To reproduce the error one can try following:

find a complicated if clause in the code. insert new line before any command and print `{`. Editor will autocomplete it with `}` immediately. Delete it, wait until error is hilighted, and insert `}` after command. Sometimes editor does locks up in that situation. Strings wont' edit, error will be still hilighted. Renaming file in external program releases the editor. Modifiing - not.

This bug is already reported and fixed for Next EAP, which will be published within next few days.


Accordingly to http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/WI-3241 this issue has been fixed -- wait for the next EAP build.

posted too late .. already asnwered


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