Shortcuts and Live templates

2 small questions:

1) is there a way to assign a shortcut (like F2) to jump to the  function itself ?
So when  when the cursor is on  test();  the F2 brings you to
function test(){

2) Seems I cannot add Live Template Groups. The xml files are not present (like css.xml)
Is there a simple way to insert PHP code snippets with or without using Live Templates ?

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1) Goto|Declaration already has Ctrl+B shortcut by default. You can add/change shortcuts at File|Settings|Keymap
2) Live template groups are created automatically from individual live template "group" field value. They are used for logical grouping only. Context where template is applicable (i.e. PHP) is set for each individual template.

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Thanx, got it working.  
The helpfile on Live Templates is a little bit hard to understand


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