Best way to resolve "Choose Declaration"?

I have two classes named Model, one in my source directory (/Model.php) and one in the ExtJS library (/Lib/ext/examples/.../Model.php).

In a class derived from Model, it is marking parent methods as undefined because they cannot be found. They do indeed exist in my Model.php, but not in the ExtJS example file. It either seems PhpStorm is not resolving it at all (safe) or resolving it to the wrong file (unsafe).

But is there a way PhpStorm can automatically resolve to my file? Perhaps using namespaces or some hints?

Renaming other people's files in my lib directories isn't really an option. I don't want to exclude them from my project because they are still a part of it and should be able to be browsed to using the PhpStorm editor, etc.

Ideally I'd just like PhpStorm to resolve to the correct definition of Model.

-- Robert

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