No Live Templates for forms, html and php

I was trying to use some elements from the Live Templates, but realized, there are no php and html templates (input:s, form, e.t.c). I was using the 2.0 version before and I don't know if I saw this feature there but I kind of got used to these great templates.
After getting back to the 1.02 version (for funny error messages, like internal error in the IDE, e.t.c.) I got aware that I can't use this feature anymore, because it's nowhere.

Is it only for the 2.0 version or did I mix something up?


Internal error in IDE not so terrible as it sounds. And i've checked my PhpStorm 1.0.2 - "Live Templates" are below "Language Injection" and my templates saved in "user" part (was created by me when using EAP 96.1130).


Thanks for replying.
Yes, I found the Live Templates in the settings, my only problem is, that it does not contain the useful html and php shortcuts. These things can make your work extremely easy. I got pretty much addicted to them.

If there's no other option I return to the EAP.


Well, my templates are still alive :) and yes - it's very useful and fast becomes the habit.
Was your EAP installed in another directory or in same with 1.0.2? In which directory was installed 1.0.2, in new or over EAP?
It's looks more reasonable with updated performance  to use 96.1224, but it's just my opinion.


1.0.x does not have ZenCoding templates bundled. Please install the m manually from Use WebIDE/IDEA set from downloads section.


Thanks Alexey, now I know that those templates are Zen templates.

Anyway, I reviewed the settings in the EAP version of the PhPSotrm and found out, that the internal error was due to the DB Navigator plugin. Apparently it's not compatible with the new version. I removed it and got back to this new 2.0 PhPStorm.

Thanks all for the help.


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