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How does one open a second window in PhpStorm from the command line?
eg: bash script to detect that PhpStorm is running, and then fire the "open" command through to that running instance?

the running instance will proceed as if you had just clicked "Open Project" from within PhpStorm (ie: display do you want to open this in a new window or existing window...)



(btw: you should hand out forum badges to those who have purchased software licenses)

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Note: Its not possible to run multiple instances (processes) with same config/system folder at all (and never will be).
On windows/OS X this is handled by executable launchers, on Linux this task was never approached.
You can also submit a feature request - but we don't have resources to address this particular task in any near future.
Feel free to enhance launch shell script or solve task in other way and contribute back to the project.
You can use the IDEA Community Edition open source project to check out how the launcher actually work.


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