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I'm using PhpStorm EAP 96-1061 on Mac.

I tried to "block comment" some code. In the menu I see ^? (I don't know how to do that on a german keyboard), I found an overview card which tells me cmd+alt+/ (I don't know how to do that)

Also on the right bottom there is a hint to open the "action search": Ctrl+Shift+A which does not work, but Cmd+Shift+A works. If I click on the search result the code is not commented, only if I select it with keyboard arrows it works.

Working with these shortcuts is annoying. Perhaps someone can tell me how what I should press on my keyboard to get this shortcut working.

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Well, due to limitations of Java Swing UI we're unable to remap keys according to layout.
The easiest for you is to modify the keymap, see Settings|Keymap. Make a copy and edit.

More recent version of keymap reference is available directly from IDE, under Help menu. We'll update online version too ASAP.

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The key combo is control+shift+/


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