Commercial License usage on two operating systems

Hello, we have commercial license for PhpStorm in office.
I have two operating systems (windows/linux) and i have PhpStorm on both.
Is it legal to use one license key on both PhpStorm installations? I am the only man who has access to this machine.
Thank you.


Personal license can be used on several computers and/or operating systems. The limitation is that you should not be using them simultaneously and you are the only user.
From the agreement (
(a) Licensee may:
(i) install and use the version of the Software specified in License   Certificate on multiple computers and operating systems, provided that   Licensee is the only user of the Software and that the Software is not   used on more than one machine and (or) operating system at a time, and
(b) Licensee may not:
(iii) use the License Key on different computers or operating systems at a time.


Mmm, I am asking about Commercial License
Can I use this type on my machine on differnet operating systems?


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