What IDEA platform version WebIDE is based on?



Not sure what you're actually mean under "IDEA platform version" but our products share build numbering, so builds with alike versions i.e. PS-96.1061 and IU-96.1030 will have almost the same codebase.

Note that in current part of our projects lifecycle branch 96 is a "unstable" branch and is undergoing heavy development in all areas right now, with incompatible API changes etc.


It is all about plugin development.

Some plugin is "compiled against IDEA Platfom version 8 (Diana)". IntelliJ IDEA 9.x is based on platform version 9 (Maia) and platform version X is now in development (is it right?)

I suppose what WebIDE and IntelliJ IDEA is based on same platform (?) and i want to uderstand the paltform version.

UPD: Looking on build numbers WebIDE1 and IDEA9 is based on same codebase - and it is Maia? And WebIDE2 is based on platform Х?


Yes, you should just compare the build numbers.
The format is PRODUCT-BRANCH.BUILD where BRANCH number corresponds to actual source code branch and BUILD numbers are incrementing with time, shared by all products build from same branch.

The odd branches are the stable ones, forked at some point before release and they usually never get API incompatible updates.
The even ones are development ones, and API may be broken multiple times at any point, especially at early stages of release cycle.

Anyway, different branches are usually API-incompatible.


Ok, but the main question - is 95.x based on Maia?


Yes, the 95.xx is an IDEA 9 release branch codename "maia"


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