Firefox won't open from an HTML page

When I try to start a debug session in an HTML page for JavaScript debugging (or simply to launch the page using the nifty little icons), I get the following error dialog:
     "Error running MyFile.html: Cannot start Firefox: Cannot run program "/Applications/": error=2, No such file or directory"

I am running:
     Firefox 3.6.8 w/JetBrains Firefox Extension 0.2.6  

     PhpStorm 1.0.2
     Build: #PS-95.503
     Built: August 16, 2010

     Mac OS X 10.6.4

If I click on the Safari or Opera icons the page open fine, but without debugging.  (If I click on the Firefox icon, nothing happens.) I can open the page manually in Firefox and debug with FireBug, but I'd like to be able to work from w/in the PhpStorm environment as well.

I should note that I'm just learing PHP and the PhpStorm IDE. I'm primarily a .NET developer, and a VERY SATISFIED JetBrains ReSharper user and advocate (since v 1.5).  I'm bought a Mac a while back and decided to start fiddling with it as a development environment.  When I saw that my  JetBrains crew was creating PhpStorm, I knew that was the best place to start.  So far, I'm still getting familiar with it, but it's got that JetBrains "ZING" to it, so I know I won't be disappointed.

I got most everything I was trying to configure set up, but this Firefox issue is beyond me.  Any guidance would be appreciated.

Keep up the good work.

Jay McAnally

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Please try the following: open Settings dialog, select 'Web Browsers' item and change path in 'Firefox' field to '/Applications/'.

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Thank you.  That seems to hav edone it.




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