Word Wrapping HTML

Not sure why I can't get word wrapping to work.  I have an HTML page that has long bits of text (e.g. keywords, description, etc).  In the settings panel under HTML I have it turned on to wrap long text, but nothing gets wrapped.  Am I missing a setting somewhere?  Am I misunderstanding what's supposed to happen?

I'm looking for a soft wrap, which is what the setting sounds like but I can't get it to work.  I love the editor but without the soft wrap of long lines I just can't use it.

Your help is TRULY appreciated!



The setting you mentioned is for "hard" wrapping on typing or reformat.
Soft-wrapping (introduced only in recent builds) is at Settings|Editor|Virtual Space|Use soft wraps or in main menu View|Use soft wraps
It can't be found via settings search because *Storm 2.0 build system is not yet complete.


Thanks for the info!  I've downloaded the preview of 2.0 and it looks great.  Can't wait to get the final build.  Thanks for all the hard work.


Downloading the Webstorm 2.0 preview gives you the option for soft wrapping. Looks great!


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