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Is this product for amateurs?  I couldn't find a getting started or beginner tutorial
or anything.  I just learned last week what IDE actually meant, and its' a far cry from Notepad++.  If was just learning how to program, is this the right program or should I do something else?

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Switching to an IDE can be intreging at first.
The point behind an IDE is to speed up coding with tools debugging, code assist, etc...

To get started is an open topic, it depends on what you are doing.
To start make a test project to play in, go to Create New Project

If you have a local server (XAMPP, WAMPP, etc...) go to File -> Settings -> Deployment and setup your local server, name, root path, etc... This assumes you already have one.

If your are just doing HTML, JavaScript, and CSS you most likely can just run them in the browser. I do everything on a local server because I code with server languages.

This should et you started.
Let us know what your are workiong on to fine tune the answers.


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