Undefined ______ (field, method) Problem

I am new to PHPStorm, but use several other IDE's fluently (Netbeans, Zend Studio.) PHPStorm's inspection is indicating the methods for a class are undefined, but they are defined. Here is an example:

  self::$oProgressTable   = new Table_Steps75();
  self::$oProgressTable->sTableStyle = "width:100%;font-size:12px;";
  self::$oProgressTable->sTableClass = "results";
  self::$oProgressTable->iBorder = 1;
  self::$oProgressTable->sID  = "ProgressTable";

All of these properties are marked undefined. However, they are all defined and all of my other IDE's are able to detect this just fine. I thought it might be because Table_Steps75 is a child of the Table class. However, I modified the code to point to instantiate the parent and it still does not work. The Table class is stored in a file called Table.php, and loaded using _autoloader(), but so are all of my other classes and they are work fine. After some further tests, I discovered the problem is that I am assigning the Table to a property of a static class. I tested this like so:

  $oTableTest = new Table();
  $oTableTest->sTableClass = "test";

This works just fine. Why is PHPStorm having trouble with the class being assigned to a Static Class property? Is there a workaround for this?


Wow. No response. We won't buy this product unless this can be resolved. Does support not monitor these forums?


Have you added phpdoc to your static field? Something like:
* @var ClassName
public static $varName;


Please always include IDE version you are referring to in your reports.

Please provide an isolated example, i can't reproduce your problem, in test code like

class StatInfTest {
    static $oProgressTable;
    function foobar() {
        self::$oProgressTable = new Table_Steps75();
        self::$oProgressTable->sID = "ProgressTable";
    var $oProgressTableD;
    function foobarD() {
        $this->oProgressTableD = new Table_Steps75();
        $this->oProgressTableD->sID = "ProgressTable";

class Table_Steps75 {
    var $sID;

sID is resolved properly.

Also, you may be interested in watching http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/WI-2888 its related, however does not affect the resolution but completion only.


I'm trying to get a sample. I can do your test and it works fine too, but in the real class, it does not work.

UPDATE: Oh, and I was using 1.02, but JetBrains support asked me to try this with 2.0. Problem still exists.


haha, it was my phpdoc that was causing the problem. I had it set to

  * @var object Progress table variable

Once I changed it to

  * @var Table_Steps75 Progress table variable

I no longer get the warning and I do get autocomplete.

Just an FYI, neither Zend Studio nor Netbeans have that issue. They don't use the vdoc to determine, it's actually sourced on the class itself.


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