Is there a quick overview of CSS features in phpstorm/webstorm available?

I'm having a bit of trouble with CSS in PHP Storm,

I tried to right click and create a new file on the left side of the interface, but CSS wasn't an option.
no problem, I picked new->File and just entered a file with a css extension, but it would have been cool to have a template.

With my css file open, I entered a bit of CSS, I didn't see any features in the product to allow easy creation of selectors, styles, etc.
again not a huge problem, I realize there are other programs that specialize in this like cssedit and topstyle, I just want to be sure I'm not missing anything in phpstorm.

Lastly with my CSS file created and saved, I wanted to link it into my html document.
I attempted to drag and drop the CSS file to the <head> section of my HTML document, but it didn't auto create a link.
Again not a huge problem, I can type in the link by hand just want to be sure I'm not missing any shortcuts here.

Thanks everyone,

and to the JetBrains team:
I appreciate all the help past present and future.

- Jack


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