PhpStorm 95.136 comments( /* */ ) and global variables

i updated to 95.136 and noticed that now ide is not autocompleting global variable.

i have $project, $page. $database etc global variables and i think i was able to do autocomplete with previous versions.

another thing i noticed that when i type '/*' and press enter i did not get coment closing tag  '*/' automatically like in phpdocumentar style comments.

for example

when i type '/*' and enter i expect it to automatically format it  as


which is not happening. it is not big issue but it is annoying



The PHPDOC comments are the ones that start with /** (pay attention to DOUBLE asterisks) - and they will be auto-generated on pressing Enter after last asterisk.

As for global variable problems - please file a bug report to tracker at with specific code example to reproduce.


global variable problem has been fixed in  PhpStorm 95.150.
I know that in PHPDOC comments  closing '*/' got inserted automatically but i wanted same functionality in normal comments as well.
in other IDE (eclipse) if i type '/*' and press enter i get
* {cursor}

but in PhpStorm if i do the same steps i get


i have attached screenshots of both IDEs

i hope i made my self clear

thanks for such a wonderful IDE


Hi Raman,

You may want to try and download the recent RC2 of PHPStorm(95.480).  I dont have a problem with adding the PHPDocs /* or /**.  Hope the video below illustrates that...


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