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I installed phpStorm today and trying use "remote editing" I see that before editing phpStorm collectin all files (I connect to / VPS server so there are thousand of files so after hour of wainting I cancel collecting) Is there a posibility to edit remote files without downloding it? Thie feature works great and simple in Zend Development Environment 5.5 - only add server and You can edit files with auto upload Can this be done in phpStorm?

//btw making threads don't work in Opera 10.60 - message field doesn't appear

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Hello ekapek,

PhpStorm 1.0.1 does not support remote files editing. Please watch/vote the related feature request: to be notified when it's done.


PS If you limit the scope of downloaded files (choosing the more specific folder, setting up the exclusion mask), you can use automatic uploading on save or frame deactivation.


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