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Greets...brand new to the WebIDE preview.

I'm coding a .net MVC2/jQuery project in VS10 and would like to use WebStorm for javascript and jquery instead of VS. Not a great deal of experience with VS yet so i'm not sure what is 'assumed knowledge'. How would I go about learning what's possible re: using WS instead a vs project?



WebStorm has no slightest idea about .NET albeit very very basic .asp syntax highlighter, but you may use it for javascript/html/css part. Just try to open your project folder and edit some files.


I also use this to supplement Visual Studio (2010) due to this handling JavaScript a million times better.  Unfortunately, in a TFS (Team Foundation Server) version control environement, it isn't as easy as simply navigating to my local copy and editing away.  TFS (if I understand this correctly) does copy the entire project locally but it marks files as Read-Only until they have been "checked out" for editing.  Is there anyway this could have a TFS version control "checkout" function that would simply remove the "read only" attribute of a file?


Actually our platform has full-featured TFS support but it's not bundled into WebStorm because we don't see any demand for it.
You can download and try IntellJ IDEA 9.0.2 trial and try to play with project you've created in WebStorm to see if this support is feasible for you.
If it is - create new feature request "Bundle TFS support into WebStorm" at


At least one developer from likes WebStorm and we're using  TFS. Hopefully, this will partially motivate you to work on that add-on.


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