AutoComplete Popup doesnt show up

First of all, this ide is awesome. I have just a little issue with autpcomplete popup for classes methods and vars.

First of all, it doent comes up, if i start type a class which is in simplest case in the same file the popup doesnt show me anything cause its not there. If i force it with with ctrl space  nothing happens either. If i write vars nothing happens either. So what could be wrong ??  I have included 2 external libs, but i doubt that this could be the reason. I hope someone can help me here.

Thx a lot

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I figured out that it works some time, but not all the time. I have no Idea why. :(

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Hello tee jay,

Automatic showing of a completion popup in any context is not implemented: please see Still, it should appear after $ char. The timeout is controlled by File | Settings | Editor | Code completion | Autopopup after dot option.

If completion popup is unexpectedly not shown or empty, please file an issue at and attach a code sample.



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