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I am evaluating both webstorm and Rubymine. I like them both so far. I plan to do html,css,javascript,ruby, rails development. I also plan to use Google Apps srcipt - Can I add this to either of these or would I be better off just to get Intellij -

I was under the impression that Webstorm and Rubymine were more comprehensive in their respective areas than Intellij

Is there a feature comparison table between the products?

Tom Brooke


Hello Tom,

First, all products, IntelliJ IDEA, RubyMine and WebStorm are built on the same platform (codebase) and a feature, if it is announced, should work pretty much the same in all of them (e.g. version control integration, JS, HTML editing).  RubyMine is more oriented for Ruby/Rails than IntelliJ IDEA. WebStorm, in its turn, has no additional features comparing to IntelliJ IDEA. But in general IntelliJ IDEA is a superset of all features.

Just to confirm, by Google Apps script you mean this? http://code.google.com/googleapps/appsscript/
What is your task with it? Maybe some more details can help us answer your question.

There's no feature comparison between all products avaialble at the moment.



Thank You for the response. I should have looked in the faq before posting since I saw that most of my questions are answered there. By Google I  meant: Google Web Toolkit

Currently I am using Rubymine and Webstorm for primarily html/css and some Ruby/Rails I plan to learn and work with GWT although that is in the future. If webstorm is a subset of Rubymine I may not need webstorm and if there is not an upgrade path for future expansion I may be better off with the whole deal and use the subset that I need an add features as I need them

. It still sounds lke Rubymine is somehow different and is not a subset of Intellij

Tom Brooke


Couple of more things

1. IntelliJ IDEA provides a very good support for GWT, so you should check it out - http://www.jetbrains.com/idea/features/gwt.html

2. If you buy one product and decide to switch to another, make sure to contact sales@jetbrains.com and you should get a discount for it.

3. You probably seen it already, still RubyMine vs. IntelliJ IDEA check out http://devnet.jetbrains.net/docs/DOC-1146.

Hope it helps,


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