IDE internal error

Almost always when I try to edit HTML code in something like this case:
$tableHtml .= "<div id='content'><table><tr><td width='50'>rb</td><td width='250'>......
I get IDE internal error. It then asks me to report error and I do this, then clear this error and try to do something else and then havoc hapens. For every thing I do I get IDE internal error. No mather how many times I report those errors new one just pops up. And it goes to infinity. I just sent my 15th error report and I am now sick and tired. I have to shutdown phpStorm, run it again, wait for indexing and then croos my fingers that when I edit another HTML line I don't get another IDE internal error.
PHPStorm is wonderfull IDE but I didn't bought it to keep crashing.

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All "Blame" reports are processed on daily basis and errors are gradually fixed. Fixes are included in next public builds.
As a workaround, you can try to disable auto injection of HTML in PHP string literals in Settings|Language Injection.


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