'add to watches' shortcut is already assigned to 'add to watches'

os: kubuntu 10.04
PhpStorm 1.0
build PS-95.273

When i am debugging php and am stepping through the code, putting the cursor on a variable and right clicking on it brings up a menu of options.  In that menu of options is the option 'add to watches'.  Clicking on it puts that variable into the watches pane.

This option was so useful to me i assigned it a keyboard short cut of alt+NumPad +

At the same time the variable is also visible in the "Variables" pane.  If i right click on a variable there there is also 'add to watches'  which does exactly the same thing.

I was supprised to find that my key combo alt+NumPad + did not work.  after clicking on it 3 times i was prompted to assign a short cut key to it and selected YES.

I tried to assign the short cut combo alt+NumPad +  but couldnt.

Is there any way to have the 'add to watches' from the editor and the 'add to watches' from the variables pane assigned the same keyboard shortcut.


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Note, that OK button is still enabled. Have you tried to just assign it?.. (Press "Leave" on second prompt)


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