List of files in a project -- without using the Project Tool Pane

I have selected to use NO TABS in my workspace.  I know that when I open the Project Pane, I can see all files in the current project.

But, is there an icon or perhaps something else that I can click on that will give me an immediate list of files in the current Project so that I can select another file?

When I was using tabs across the top, there was a small "<>" in the upper right that I could click on to view a list of all files in the Project.  However, with Tabs = None, that is not available.



ctrl+shift+n and just start typing the name of the file you want.

Great video on it here:

the "Finding files like a pro" video.

Alternately in the bread crumb navigation to the file you are currently working on, you can click on any of those to see the directory -> modules -> apSomeModule -> file.php

you can click on any of thoses folders to see what is in them.


Great, thanks for the information and the URL, Michael.  I did not know about the ctrl-shift-n to select a file.  Works great!


I found it hard to get away from using the mouse and focus on using the keyboard, but these are some other things that i use a lot now:

when im in the editor and want to open the projects pane to the file that im working on:
alt + F1  then 1  (but im on kubuntu so i first had to disable the alt+F1 from opening the system memu)

when I have 3 or 4 files and points that im working on using ctrl+shift+1 to set the first point im working on, then go to a different place in the same file that im interested in and use ctrl+shift+2  sets another book mark, then go to a different file and a place im interested in and do ctrl+shift+3.  This will set book marks in the margin which i can jump quickly to by doing ctrl+1 to go to the first, ctrl+2 to the second, ctrl+3 to go to the third.  This is really useful.  It will open the file if the file is not open.

and the ctrl+enter to finish off my half finished statements is useful too.

and of course the ctrl+space for code completion.

Im really liking it.  Im keeping an eye on the forums too, because i still feel like there is more power in the IDE than I am fully using right now.  Love to know any tips/tricks you find for a great workflow. :)



Those tips are helpful also.  You're way ahead of me on the UI shortcuts.  Appreciate all the help!


awesome! didn't know this.


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